Water Damage Photo Gallery

plastic barriers, fans and dryings, bear wood sheathing on walls and floor

Brooklyn Water Drying Structure

SERVPRO set up containment barriers with poly sheeting and tension poles to quickly dry out this under-construction area in a Brooklyn residence. Our advanced equipment did the job--no need for demolition.

hole shown in ceiling, second story, white door

Flatbush Water Leak Above Ceiling

The leak from the water line caused damage to the ceiling in this Flatbush ceiling, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can remove the water damaged sheetrock and dry out the exposed substructure before drying up the damp area.

falling ceiling material and blistered paint on white surfaces

See Water Damage after a Mill Basin Leak

Water from a large leak can migrate and quickly cause considerable damage to a Mill Basin property. SERVPRO techs can inspect, develop a plan for controlled demolition, and eventually build back the water damaged walls and ceiling.