Storm Damage Photo Gallery

equipment drying room, drywall removed by window

Mill Basin Flood Removal

The flooded Mill Basin home is in dire need of SERVPRO's excellent and speedy service. We extracted the water, and the Photo illustrates the drying equipment--air movers and an LGR dehumidifier--working to dry the pad and the exposed, semi-demolished wall.

gear in basement, office desk, wet walls

Flatbush Basement Storm Damage

The dehumidifier and air mover are completing the drying segment of the storm damage restoration service in this Flatbush basement office area. Our fast SERVPRO response was in time to salve the walls, though not yet completely dried.

flooded basement, unfinished

Groundwater Flooding in Mill Basin

The flow of contaminated groundwater from the flood required a rapid response from SERVPRO; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. With our truck-mount extractor, we can quickly remove the water from this Mill Basin basement and continue with the cleanup.

sheeting closing entrances, demolished ceiling and walls

Mill Basin Storm Damage Demolition

This house in Mill Basin was ravaged by a storm that penetrated the roof and soaked many structural components. SERVPRO dispatched a large crew to remove the hazardous hanging ceiling panels and some non-salvageable walls and tossed the contaminated carpet. Several dehumidifiers are continuing to dry out the storm damaged structure.